Our kennels are made up of smaller kennels and one big are for play time, in this way we can keep a safe envitonment for the dogs. In the smaller kennels (28sqm) they live two dogs togehter, the have a shadow corner, an isolated double cabin and a higher table to sit on. 
The smaller kennels are made of metal sections known to last long and are durable for happy and jumping dogs. Around the playground we have a two meter high fence, in the playtime area there is many high tables to jump on, small trees and lots of space to run on. 


We feed with Royal Canin 4800, a high qualitative high energy food made for hard working dogs. The dryfood is combined with a meat mix for extra fat and proteins, we are right know in the swith from one brand to an other so more information will come. 
The meat mixture is mixed with lupe warm water, since the transformation of turing fat into energy takes a lot of water it is very important to hydrate the dogs. The easiest way is to bate it with meat, this is what we call "dog soup" and they love it. 

A high quality nutrition is of great importance for healthy dogs!


The healthcare is done mostly in preventing injuries, a good training and nutrition is doing a lot. In addition to that we spend time with every single dog to learn all about them to be fast to notice any difference in temperature, movements or for example colour of the mucous membraines. This is a big topic for all dog owners which have developed in the right direction the last years!

Laws in Sweden

In Sweden we have special rules and regulations how to keep dogs, this is done by a cooperation between Jordbruksverket and L√§nsstyrelsen. 
We are proud to have this in the country we are located, this will always keep people with animals keen of the living standards of their animals. If the rules and regulations are not followed you risk to loose the permit to have animals. 

When you decide to make a holiday where there is animals we want you to look for a place with a high standard animal care and housing.

Let's work together to higher the standards!