Become a part
of our family

By visiting us you will automatically become a part of our family!

Our goal is to show and teach all our guests about dogs and our life up north. After visiting us we hope that you will have good memories and stories for life. 

And, you are always welcome! 

Our animals is
our life

Our dogs and other animals are family members, we spend a lot of time with them every day. We show them love and respect and in that way we build up a good friendship between us and the animals and also make sure that they are harmonios with each other. There are rules how to behave, that we all have to follow, so that everyone is fine and we can have a good relationship with each other.

Life style at
White Horizon

The most important part of our life is to keep a high life quality for our dogs and other animals! Several hours every day are spent only for them, besides that we build up a sustainable life style that is good for nature.
The neighbors are always there for us, to teach some good old tricks for life out in Lapland.  

Contact us to learn more

If you want to know more from us, please contact us with an E-mail or message over social media or a phone call. 


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