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We at White Horizon are well informed about all the things you can do, see and learn in Arjeplog. So if you don't want to stay at White Horizon we can help you to put together activities and lodging that fits for your whishes! 
That covers of course everything from different hiking trails, protected forest & wildlife areas to a nice spa-evening combined with a restaurant dinner.

We work through personal contact with other companies to offer you the best package, after your stay we will follow up to hear about your experience. This is to keep the high standard we want to offer all our guests.

So here we will list some activities we like and think are extra interesting for this area:
  • Discovering the wildlife on your own
    • This can be done all year around but we recommend summer, autumn and winter. Spring is the time when the new generation is born so than we should not disturb. 
    • You can discover protected forests, birds and other wildlife areas. Ask us if there is anything in particular you are interested to see. 
  • Hiking
    • Here we have short & easy tours for beginners and more advanced paths for the experienced hikers. 
    • The mountains are covered in snow until end of June and somtimes longer and in August/September we can have minus degrees, ask us if you are unsure what gears to bring. 
  • Ski
    • Arjeplog offer the possibilities for downhill ski and crosscountry ski. There is several tracks for crosscountry skiing and of course you can use the marked snowmobile trails as well if you want to go further. For the downhill skiers we have two different slopesystems and for the adventoures ones we recommend HeliSki (see below). 
  • Helicopter tours
    • Arjeplog is a huge area with a small amount of people, this means that big parts are not reachable by car. So to fully experience this region we recommend a helicopter tour, as sightseeing or as a drop off where you hike/ski back to civilisation. 
    • HeliSki, take with your down hill skis or snowboard and fly up on the mountain peak and slide down in untouched snow
  • Snowmobile
    • If you like machines you have to make a snowmobile tour! This is a completly different driving experience than anything you have tried before. You need to plan your driving and balance your weight to get through the trails. This is also a perfect activity for those who want to come further on a short time than with for example dogsledding.
  • Fishing
    • The big number of lakes gives a lot of possibilities for catching fish. In the mountains you can catch arctic char in the cold waters,  in the other lakes we have big pikes and inbetween in the more streaming waters you can often catch graylings!
  • History
    • Here we have a institute for subarctical landscape resreach, an center for archaeology and the history & heritage of Arjeplog. 
    • Arjeplog is a region originally inhabited by hunters and gatherers, eventually the cultural differences splitted the group of people living here and the Sami culture was born. The Samis started to domesticate and herd reindeers, reindeers still live wild but every reindeer in Sweden is owned by the Samis. This is not to mix up with livestock.
    • To learn about this indigenous people and culture there is a museeum and a location where you can meet a sami family and some of their reindeers. 
  • Geology and Mining
    • Arjeplog have a quite long history of mining. During two short periods we had a silver mine in the mountain region and in modern time we had a lead mine 


Swedish language


PiteƄ Sami languange- Local dialect


North Sami language- Originally used

Fast facts of Arjeplog

  • 2749 inhabitants. Updated 2020
  • Area 14 494,08 Km2, that means 5,28 km2/person. 
  • Hornavan is 221 meters deep and the deepest lake in Sweden. 
  • Arjeplog have 8727 lakes, this means every citizen could have 3 lakes each. 
  • Salajekna is the biggest glacier in Sweden and is found in this region. 
  • Highest mountain top is 1820 m over sealevel, but doesnt have a name. 
  • Had a silver mine during 1635-1659 & 1770-1810 and have give the name of the main road and many other things in the area. 
  • During winter Arjeplog is one of the biggest car test centers in the world.
  • Kungsleden "The kings trail" is passing by through this area. 
  • People have been living here for over 9800 years, moving along the melting edge of the inland ice.