With Animals

During the day here at White Horizon there is a lot of activity! Feeding the dogs, walking the goats and of course playing with and training the dogs. 
We also offer tours with the dogs, for example hiking with a husky in the mountains or go for a dogsled tour. 


In the winter time there is lots of different activities do to! The most popular activity here is dogsled tours in different ways, after that comes snowshoe and crosscountry ski. 
Look under the topic "Tours" where you can read more about this. 


The summer in Swedish Lapland is short and very intense, the sun is shining  24/7 and nature have to work fast before the snow is soon back!
In summers we offer hiking, canoe and fishing, if you want to do something else you just have to ask us if we can do it or know someone else who can.


To stay at White Horizon without a activity program is of course possible, we understand that somethimes a holiday is just about taking care of your self and enjoy the time off. Our location is perfect for this purpose as well! We offer four nice double rooms with or without full pension.