Week programs winter 2020-2021

Husky week

The most popular program here at White Horizon is the Husky Week, seven day full with husky and winter activity. Every night we eat together in the main building and can share experiences and good memories while eating a well prepared meal by a educated chef! 

Husky Week with outdoor overnights

Have you already done a Husky Week? Then it's time to dare a little more and go for one or two wilderness overnights with the dogs, sleep outside in a wooden cabin and care for the dogs best well being. 

Ski expedition with husky

The adventureous mind can settle, here is the week for a outdoor dreamer! Guided trough seven days of new knowledge about life up north, using skis to travel on in wilderness together with huskys and only the most important gears. 
During the Ski expedition week with husky we want to show you how fantastic nature can be, to discover life with a husky and most important of all enjoy Swedish Lapland in it's best. 

Taste of Lapland

If you are not  sure yet what you want to do in Lapland, this is the program for you. During this week you will travel north of the polar circle, learn about the native people and try different winter activites like snowshoe and dogsledding.