Johanna & Konstantin              #johannaochkonstantin

We met in the far north of Sweden where we both was working as guides, Konstantin with husky guiding and Johanna with all other winter activities such as snowmobile, snowshoe and northen light watching. 

After the first winter season the idéa of starting up our own company reached us and we started to look for a place, since a company with huskies is a life time investment we was quite picky with the location. Johanna are from Sweden and knows the north really good so after looking at the map for some weeks we layed our eyes on Arjeplog. We went there to see it live and this was the place we were looking for, close to the mountains, lots of lakes and forest, nice people and an airport not too far away. 

The first year we lived at a camping site with our first eight sleddogs, after seven months we found our home. Långviken, a small village of nine inhabitants with us, all togehter there is now living over thirthy dogs in the village.

Short info about us-
Johanna Cederlund
Born -92 in march
Growing up in south of Swedish Lapland
Educated in healthcare and have a university degree in Gemstone engineering
Sports in life are crosscountry ski and sleddogsport

Konstantin Bröder
Born -87 in march
Growing up in Wasserleben, central Germany
Educated chef and diet chef
Sports in life is judo and sleddogsport

White horizon- A paradise in arjeplog, swedish lapland

White Horizon was born in January 2018 to give the opportunity for us to show people from all over the world how to live up north. Our dream is to show you our life style on the big yard i Långviken, heat up the wooden house early in the morning with fire and to go out feeding the animals before breakfast. Eating all together, guests, guides and volonteers, sharing experiences and create amazing memories for life. 

The name "White Horizon" comes from the winter landscape, when its all white. On the ground, in the air and in the sky.
This is the time when you have to fully trust your dogs to take you home beacuse you can't see anything in this type of condition. 

four legged family members

At the yard of White Horizon you will find us, Johanna & Konstantin, and our animals. So far we have twentyfive dogs, two cats and two goats. Later we have plans on other farm animals like chickens, sheaps and pigs, all for a more sustainable and ecological lifstyle. 

The animals is our top priority over the day, they deserve the very best!