The dog yard

Our dog yard is built of metal sections and isolated wood cabins for every dog attached on the outside. 
Each kennel is 28 m² and there is two dogs per kennel. The doors open to a 1.2 hectare playground that we can open for play time  where the dogs can run around, socialize and be all together. 

We follow the Swedish goverment rules for dog keeping. 

Dog food

We feed our doggies a combination of dryfood and meat with lupe warm water.
The dry food we give is Royal Canin endurance 4800 (32% Protein/ 30% Fat) and the meat is made by Pondus, its a mix with three protein sources that the dogs like. 
Both foods are complete nutried foods that gives the dog all vitamins and minerals that they need from only one part of the food. This makes us sure that they get all what they need. 
Because of the hard work they perform for us, we need to make sure that they stay hydrated. Therefor we give them water directly in the food. 


The sleddogs lives outside all year around, they have big isolated cabins and when its cold they will sleep together. 
The mental stimulation we give our doggies is playtime with toys and with us of course, some times per year we arrange the "furniture" different in the kennel. We also make walks in the forest, train to go in the car and meeting new people. 
We don't train normal commands for dogs, sit, lay down etc. the commands we want them to know is left, right, start, stop, slow down, etc. Only what they need to make a nice job as sleddogs! 
The physical training is of course to pull sleds, atv's and other stuff. In summer we focus a lot on free run in the nature to stimulate all the muscles!
An Alaskan Husky that is well trained can pull 2-3 times its own weight!

Alaskan Hysky

An Alaskan Husky (AH) is a hard working sleddog. It's also a super friendly pack and famlily dog. 

AH is not a approved breed (but neither a mixed breed anymore), that means the looks of theese dogs vary a lot.
In our pack the smallest dog has only 17 kilos whilst the biggest has 30 kilos. They are completely different in appearance and behavior but they have one thing in common! They love to pull, no matter what! 

AH have been bred to get the ideal qualities that sleddogs should have, strong body, weatherproof fur, good appetite, durable paws and of course the will to pull! 

Through the years they have been mixed with other breeds, for example with Labradors to get the bigger appetit and smartness.

Now there are some AH mixes that are common in sprint races, like Greyster and Scandinavian Hound. 

The dogs we have come from long distance lines, they should therefore be able to run and pull heavy cargos for several days in a row. Their ancestors have been competing in famous races like the Idiatrod, Yukon Quest and Finnmarkslöpet.