About us

For us White Horizon means the endless open & white landscape up here in the north. Standing on the sled with only the dogs and the mountains in front of you, the cooperation between human and dogs without the daily stress. A feeling that takes you to a whole new world! 

How it began: 
For Konstantin the dream of sleddogs and the wilderness were always there. But it was after his parents were on a sleddog tour in Finnland he made the decision, he applied for a job on a husky farm. 
After a few years on the huskyfarm he owned his first Alaskan Husky and you can't just have one of theese lovley dogs! Later his work and friends brought him to Lannavaara, Sweden, where he met Johanna.

Johanna grew up with sleddogs and so it was the course of nature for her to continue. She always had dogs around her and all free time was spent outdoors: hiking, skiing and dog-sledding. 
Her education of becoming a gemologist brought her to Lannavaara. After that education she owned a foodshop until the job opening as an activity guide came up. Finally an outdoor job!

During the first season in Lannavaara we found a lot of common dreams and goals in life, today we run a small company together!


And now we want to share our life style with you guys!


Born: 1987- Germany, Wasserleben
Education: Chef
Best Memory: First time guiding in the wilderness
First pet: The dog Duke
Languages: German, English and a bit of Swedish


Born: 1992- Sweden, Hemavan
Education: Health care (training, nutrition and psychology), Gemologist
Best Memory: When my first four sleddogs where running in the same diraction and when FM Lajjne-4 passed his test to become a police dog. 
First pet: The bunny Sussi
Languages:Swedish and English